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Too often people try to hide what the feel are their shortcomings or limitations.  They are viewed as weaknesses or things that put us at disadvantage but the only thing that makes them a hindrance to us is when we don’t acknowledge them and learn from them.

By acknowledging and respecting your limitations you will find that the parameters your limitations set for you will also

lead you to your gifts and opportunities.

Everyone has limitations, and you will find anyone who is successful spends as much time learning about their limitations as they do their gifts.  Sometimes more.

By acknowledging your limitations does not mean you’re being limited by them. Actually it’s the opposite, by knowing your limitations you become empowered and it helps you go in search of your true strengths rather than trying to fake you are good at something when, in reality at this point in time, it is not yours to have.

Our limitations are not going to go away just because you want them too.  The old quote “ I don’t’ know I don’t’ care, I can’t’ see it so it isn’t’ there” just does not work, at least in this instance. 

I actually prefer:  “sometimes your windshield and sometimes you’re the bug,” but what is neat about this is as humans, the times when we re the bug, if we KNOW WE ARE THE BUG we can avoid those windshields!

The more you ignore your limitations the more you become limited by them.

Whenever you take on something in life, you need to look at the situation honestly, taking in to consideration your strengths and your limitations when it comes to succeeding at the task.

Now by accepting your limitations is by no means my telling you to not do things.  What I am saying is acknowledge your limitations and do the things in such a way that you set yourself up to win not to fail.

This is shown to you all the time in people with physical challenges who are still climbing mountains, reaching success in areas that others would think they have no place even trying to succeed in.


By accepting their limitations and making the accommodations so they work for them.

As an example, I recently counseled someone who called me for advice about an opportunity they had come across but it was on his boss’s dime and was questioning whether to keep it secretly or go tell his boss.  Others had told this person “ go in and demand that he give you at least a third of what he makes,  that’s fair, it was your lead,”  sound advice maybe if you are Rambo,  but this person wasn’t’ Rambo. 

They weren’t the courageous and aggressive type personality and his boss was.  Realistically, there was no way he would be able to stand up to his boss, who was a tough guy, and stand his ground when his boss pushed back.  It seemed fine to give him the guidance to go in demand he got a cut of the opportunity because he found it, but realistically, he did not have the personal make up to do that successfully:  that was his limitation and just by wanting it to be different was not going to make it happen.

So what was my guidance?  I told them to be honest with him as to what he felt he could successfully ask for from the boss.  The bottom line was the boss was top dog and that wasn’t’ going to change and this person was the employee so no matter how you cut it,  he wasn’t going to be able to demand anything and come away victorious.  By taking that action he could end up fired and lose the opportunity all together. Not to mention feeling beaten up and seeing themselves as a weakling when they weren’t.  They were someone who did not work with his limitations.

They were much better to go to the boss in a more submissive positioning, tell the boss about the opportunity and propose a third cut.  The chances of this kind of boss giving it to him was slim,  but by taking this approach his chances of getting something were a lot higher than what they would be if he went in and demanded that the boss give him a third and they would get to keep their job and their dignity.

Now is this fair: maybe not,  but it’s a fact,  those are the limitations of the situation and by acknowledging them and approaching accordingly,  they stand a much better chance coming away with something,  including his ego intact.

On closing note I say to you, embrace your limitations and instead of focusing on what they seemingly deny you look to where and what actions they are pushing us instead.



 To be in service for the greater good is a most glorious thing!

 It’s one of the greatest honors that you can bestow upon yourself. There are many ways to be in service; as a practitioner, priest, teacher but the way I enjoy “service” the most is through my everyday life.

 Let me tell you one of my most profound experiences with the kind of “service” I am talking about. I was buying my first house. A wonderful house on a dirt road up in the canyons, just north of Los Angeles. (Which in itself was pretty special) I knew by the “normal way” things happen my chance of getting this house were slim to say the least. My tax return said I made almost nothing, my job was commission only and I was a single woman.  Not good. I remember sitting in the yard of this house while it was on the market, praying for a way for  “me” to make this happen. How if “I” got this house I would take care of it. “I” would do anything to have it.  No matter how much I prayed everything kept falling through, it seemed like there was no way it could happen. (I find it funny, we are often so spiritual, but you put us in a real life crisis and all we’ve learnt goes out the window and we return to the old ways of doing things, like begging, in my case!) My dream was slipping away.

 This one day, I ‘d been praying for hours. I started thinking about my nature. I knew I was a creature of “service.” I liked to see others succeed. It’s my very essance. Then to want this house for “me” went against everything I was! I changed my prayer quick smart! I stared to pray in earnest, “let me be victorious! Let me have this house for every person out there like me who is struggling to buy a house. For every person like me who mainstream society said “no” to. Let me be victorious for all these people. Then let the energy my victory generates be held somewhere im a big etheric energy bank and be available to anyone who might need it.” Amazingly, things started to happen. It was not easy by any means, but that house became mine and I lived here for six years.  During the escrow I met a young woman who told me she didn’t think she could ever buy a house. Because of my belief that the power of my success would support her, I encouraged her to go for it. She found a house and closed escrow before I did!

 So, if life has no meaning. If everything you do seems to be a struggle, try this for one day. Your small daily victories do count! Don’t underestimate your power when you give your life to “service!” Smiling at a stranger and sharing your energy when you would rather look away is a great victory. Having the strength to say “no” to the friend who needs to learn to stand on their own is a hard thing to do. Knowing that somewhere, someone else is gaining strength from your strength. It empowers you to stay strong.

 Tell spirit:  use me! Give your permission for the energy your life creates to be made available to anyone else who is going through what you are going through. That’s it. Try it for one day and expect a miracle!