Psychic Readings in Albany


Seraphim’s Keep

Seraphim’s Keep is a wellness center and home base for nationally known, Australian psychic reader and artist, Shanon.

The center is based in East Greenbush, New York,

minutes from downtown Albany.


“A Place to BE”

is our mission statement.

To be safe, to be happy, to be victorious,
and most of all,
just to BE

My clients for psychic readings are all over the world, and much of my time is traveling or conducting my business by phone, Facetime or Skype.

I have always wanted to have a place that is “sacred” for people to come and have their psychic readings and also be able to attend events and gatherings that will support their lives and encourage their happiness.

Though most of my time is in Albany, N.Y., I also have locations that hold appointments as in NEW MEXICO and LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA.

I often get asked my meaning of the name,
“Seraphim’s Keep.”
Around the time of creating “the Keep” my
mastiff,  Sera passed away.
Her presence in my life had brought me through some tough times and her unconditional love had given me hope when in all other areas of my life, all hope was gone.

Her name was,  in full,  Seraphim Sophia, (named after the angels) so honoring her energy by using part of her name was perfect.”


  Seraphim arethe highest order of angels
and Keep is the place in a castle where the
most valued things are held and protected
“Seraphim’s Keep”

This is my artwork and it is called an Energy Portrait.
It represents the Energy of Seraphim’s Keep.
The energetic “intent and purpose”

We all need
“A Place to BE”

Seraphim’s Keep promotes classes and workshops and sponsors guest speakers and practitioners in all areas of healing and well being to help empower our lives.

The Keep holds gatherings on a consistent basis to bring support and encouragement to the community.

Be sure to go to our “Events Page”  to find out about our current eventss.