I was born in Perth, Western Australia. The product of a disrupted childhood, I developed different gifts just to survive my physical reality that constantly threatened me. I was always psychic and I learned at an early age when someone would ask me “what are you looking at?” to always answer, “oh, nothing.”

 One of the few things my family did do together was watch the wrestling on television every Saturday. All the greats like Bobo Brazil and Killer Carl Cox. It was our weekend ritual. I spent many a happy afternoon wrestling myself out in the yard. Quiet a feat in itself. Actually, it only looked like I was wrestling myself, I had plenty of company!

 By my teens I was going to see the matches when they came to town and this one night on the side of the ring was a phone number and address of the people who put up the ring. Within a week I was learning to wrestle in the annex attached to my local church. It was so close I could walk. The wrestling school was run by Ali Musa the Turk, a veteran wrestler who had wrestled extensively in London. He taught me well, and being the only girl I learnt to wrestle like one of the boys.

 Time passed. I became Sue Sexton and one of the top 10 women wrestlers in the world. Held the world title, and to this day, still the only woman wrestler to come out of Australia and claim international fame.

.During the wrestling days my spiritual growth was probably non-existent. I was too busy trying to survive physically, the spiritual world was beyond my comprehension. But by the 1980’s the wrestling was starting to dry up for the women. I was now in New York waiting tables and writing the music and singing with my rock band at night. I don’t know how it started, but somehow I started getting tarot readings. I went through the co-dependant stage of calling my reader every other day wanting answers to my life. I’m sure I drove him nuts. Finances forced me to become more self sufficient and I bought my first deck and started reading for myself. Soon all my “old friends” started talking to me again. Back then, I was dabbling in white magic, burning candles, casting spells. It turns out my reader was the head of a witches Covent in lower Manhattan. Who knew?

 Hoping to get work with one of the local wrestling federations I went to Atlanta, Georgia as the south was one of few areas where wrestling still thrived.

Work was scarce, so I went in search of a reader to help me with my life. I found a place called The Inner Space. I had never considered reading for someone else, never the less for a living. Through a course of events I found myself sitting in the front room of the Inner Space day in, day out, waiting for my chance to read someone who wandered in who wasn’t with one of the more established readers. It took time, but I held out.

I think the main thing I had to overcome as a reader: if I was going to be of any help to anyone I had to first trust myself and that I was connected to the light or God, if you will. I also had to learn to be okay with being the “bad guy.” It was important to me to deliver the information to the people truthfully, not just telling them what they wanted to hear. In order to do that trusting that my intent was pure and I was a “good person” was imperative. I had been the “bad guy” for many years as a wrestler. I knew someone had to play that role in order for things to play out in the way that was necessary. I had perfected that. Trusting I was a good person took more work. It took a lot of work, but finally the two worlds did meet and the physical warrior transcended into a spiritual warrior and I’ve never looked back.

Being the “bad guy” is my gift.  I understand how healing it is.  I understand that everyone is okay to be the hero and to be liked by all.  It takes a different kind of person who can put their ego aside, and be okay to be the one that isn’t always liked.  That sometimes delivers the hard news.  And this rarely is not about death or losing a job.  It is normally more around having to let someone know that they are the problem in the situation.  That they are the one who is being dishonest or deceitful in a relationship.

I have found, people like to think that you can’t really “see them,” even when they come for readings.  And many readers go along with that, if “seeing the person” might risk the person not enjoying their reading.

And I get that, but when you are truly in service you are in service for the benefit of the other person, not yourself, so you put their needs first, and sometimes we all need to hear the things we don’t want to hear.

And though the truth may not be easy to take; once it is out and you have been “seen” by someone, a weight gets lifted off your shoulders and you can start again from that point forward.


  1. Jospeh says:

    Absolutely love the modern design. I liked this article. Bless you for a brilliant write.

  2. I appreciate the input on the design, make all the time it takes to choose something worthwhile! Shanon

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