A   REALITY CHECK READING  is about living your truth in the here and now.

And taking responsibility for that truth.


No matter what you need me to help you with, I will try to be clear and to the point.  I have no interest in wasting your time or money with “fluff”, and I will do my best to ensure you will walk away with answers and tools you can use to resolve your situation.

A reading with me is like a “brainstorming session with a psychic” and during your reading I can use the tarot,  my psychic and medium-ship abilities to try and get you the answers you need.

When I do readings I will ask you to say the first name or the person or a name associated with the situation you are asking about.  I do this because I tune into the energy of things,  so when you say the name,  I am able to “lock onto” the particular energy and how it relates to you personally.

This is YOUR READING. It makes sense,  you need to be part of the process,  so, when you leave,  you will be better able to make informed responsible decisions for your life and use hopefully, the tools that I  give you, will help you do so. 

During a reading we can use the tarot, psychic and medium-ship to help you get the answers that you need to move forward in your life.

You can record your reading on your smart phone and are welcome to do so.
Please have it set up and ready to go so we can start on time.


I do not do “prophetic readings.”  As in,  when you will die,  when will you meet the love  of your life,  how many children you will have etc.

I choose to help people from where they are now,  what is real in their living world, rather lead you to focus on a future that holds no certainties.

I also won’t “spy” on others.  If someone is not connected to you in a way that they are effecting your life, then, “their business is their business.”

I do not do tricks to prove myself. I won’t answer “one question for free,” so you know that I am for real.

I respect that there are people out there who are “not the real thing,” and for that reason, if you have doubts, I am happy to read for a couple of minutes and if you don’t think we connect then I will end the reading with no cost to you. But if you feel the information is valid then we will continue on with the reading. This offer applies to all readings, in person, phone and remote.




( in person,  photo or by saying their name)

I can “talk”  with most pets if they are open to talking to me.  I  help people integrate new pets into their home,  discover how your pet feels about certain things and generally,  allow you to have a stronger connection with your pet.  I also can speak with pets that have crossed over.


( speaking with those that have passed)

To connect with a person or a pet,  I only need you to say their name,  or who you know them as.  It is not necessary to bring a photo or an item, but you are welcome to do so if you wish.

As in life,  not everyone wants to talk to us just because we want to talk to them,  the same goes with “medium-ship.”

I am normally given, by those I am wishing to connect with,  some kind of indication that I have the right “person.”   They may share a memory, word or a behavior that will help you know that we have a connection and can start the session.

Every medium is different in how they bring through information.  I sense things as energy and then have to translate that into words.  I will often be given hints,  say the name of a movie,  that when I share it with you will “lead you,”  to the memory they are wanting to share.  For example:  they once showed me Shirley Temple and her curly hair.   The client knew  immediately they were talking about her  child who had hair just like Shirley Temple’s.

When communicating with those on the other side,  your relationship with them is key into recognizing the messages, as you know them,   and I am acting as the the means of communicating,   sort of like a phone line.

Translating energy is not an exact science,  so if is imperative that you be open to helping me find my way to what they are trying to show me. Sometimes I will bring things through exactly as they are,  other times  I will be given hints at what they want me to say,  that only you will be able to connect with. 


To book an appointment or for more information call:
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