One of the techniques I teach every day to help people become more effective in their lives is the integrating of the three selves.   These “selves” are; emotions, intellect and spirit.  For something to be effective in our lives and for us to grown and flourish from it each of these aspects must have a piece in it.   Our intellect tries to protect us by ruling the material world and tries to create stability as far as finances, shelter, food and security.  The emotional self only values things if they are fun.  In order to feel safe the emotional self needs to feel it can identify with something; that they are understood or accepted by others  and hence not feel alone and the spiritual aspect is driven by us always trying to become more and seek out that makes up truly happy without it being completely defined by our intellect or our emotions.

Often when we go and hear someone speak and they get us gunned up and we come out feeling like we can change the world for the next couple of days, and then suddenly reality sets in and it falls away and seems like it almost never happened,  is a perfect example when each of the selves is not equally involved in a decision in our lives.  The speaker appealed primarily to your emotional self.  Their objective normally is to get us so inspired that we over ride the reasoning that the intellect might be wanting to throw at us: the voice of reason,   then you leave go back to your life and then the intellect will start to “shoot down” all the dreams by making it clear that this won’t work because it doesn’t make “cents.”  It is impractical.  It is not safe.

This happens all the time with all of us.  The outfit we had to have that we never wear or returned.  The job we hate but we stay in because  it pays the bills.  The person we love but can’t stand any more.

All of these types of situations and telling you that you are missing one of these essential pieces.

It is either: no fun; not secure, financially or it doesn’t move you towards being happy and a higher purpose.

My next couple of blogs are going to look at each of these selves and further break down their role in our lives.  You will be amazed at how quickly things can turn around once you use this technique in every decision you make.  Once you get your  head around it,  it will be fun and easy to do and their is no limits to what you can accomplish.

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