All the information below is upheld by Shanon of Seraphim’s Keep .

For other practitioners, these beliefs may not hold true.

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Readings, whether psychic readings, tarot readings, astrology readings etc., are to give you insight and perceptions of situations in your life that you may not be able to see or may not know how to apply by yourself.

Any reading should empower you, not make you feel powerless.

It should give you information that you can then take and use or at least mull over and from there, come to a decision that is best for you.

Readings are NEVER meant to replace good old common sense or your own internal gut instincts.

No reader “knows more than you do” at your core level, we just see and access information differently and often our job is to communicate it to you in a way that you can at least hear it if you can not not fully integrate it at the time.

Human nature is interesting in that we “get information” for ourselves but don’t act on it until we hear it from someone else.


Neither one is better than the other. It really comes down to the person giving the advice and how skilled they are at their craft and what you are personally comfortable with.

Some people are not comfortable with tarot cards; others like to see the cards because it helps them feel involved.

Others don’t like psychics because it can seem too vague.

The tarot has more structure than a psychic reading. There are layouts and meanings and archetypes to the cards that give the advisor a clear path to follow and interpret while delivering information. Much like an irrigation, system directing the water to a field. Different cards and spreads are like one of those channels directing the water only they direct the information towards the answer of your question. Tarot readers often will also have intuitive and psychic abilities, but choose to use the information they derive from the cards to formulate the information into a clear picture for the client.

Tarot readers will often have a favorite deck because as you spend time with the cards it becomes a working relationship and you will see that one reader will read the same cards differently from the next. That is because though the cards technically mean the same thing, the human experience of that meaning differs with each of us and as the reader develops their relationship with their deck they also develop their own language and understanding of the cards. This strongly enhances their ability to interpret the cards. Almost like a secret language between the reader and the cards themselves.

Psychic, clairvoyant, intuitive and empathic readers work more with unseen as far as mainstream reality. They are able to read energy fields and have fine tuned their ability to interpret their gut instincts to where they can also see or sense different levels of information that are held in the mass consciousness. I use my own deck THE WORDS TO THE WISE ORACLE but I also read main stream decks  along with my psychic abilities in order to not only involve the client in the reading but to also fine tune the information I am downloading from spirit.

If you saw the first Matrix movie, there was a scene where the female lead is on a roof top and faced with having to fly a helicopter. She has never done it before so she says to her team who are up in the space ship, “download the files. “ She closes her eyes and waits. Her team downloads the energetic program on how to fly the chopper into her consciousness: she opens her eyes, gets in the chopper and flies it.

The very much how it feel when I download information when I am in “psychic mode” more than “card reading mode”. You open yourself to spirit and the “knowing” of the higher consciousness of both parties, download the information, and then formulate it, as it often comes in pictures, sounds, etc, and then deliver the information to the client.

Good question.

First and foremost;  TRUST YOUR GUT

In the opinion of “the Keep” a fake will speak in generalities.

They will be dependent on you giving them information before saying anything. I will ask questions, but those questions are often triggered by information I have received that I want to verify or clarify.

I will ask you to say the first name of who or what you want me to read on.  When you say the name, it allows me to tune into the energy assigned to that name in relationship to you and your life.  Helps me “lock in,” for lack of a better way of putting it.

If you are getting a reading and nothing feels right, then you are best to leave. It doesn’t mean the reader was a fake, but it does mean they are not able to read you, so your time is probably wasted to stay.

In the case of “the Keep,” if you sign up for a reading within the first couple of minutes you don’t feel the reading is true, you are welcome to leave with no charge. After 5 minutes the reading is valid.

Anyone that asks for large amounts of money to do anything outside of the reading, often they will use fear tactics; “you wife won’t get well unless I do this for her,” or create the illusion that only they can do this for you and that will be necessary to pay extra: e.g. to pray for you, burn a candle, do a spell, etc in our opinion, is conducting a questionable practice, get out of there.

This is not to say,  there are not those out there that do burn candles, and do pray with a special focus to amplify a situation and can have a positive effect,  but the cost should not be outrageous and you should still be very careful of who you trust to do this sort of thing.  Karma is an interesting thing, and in my opinion, anything that is done with the intent of forcing someone else to do what you want them to do, will come back on you in some way.

The easiest way to tell a fake is your gut instincts:  it won’t feel right, the information will seem like it is for someone else and the reader will speak mainly fluff, not facts.  If that is the case,  end the reading and leave.  But please, if you choose to read,  don’t  then blame the reader for you “bad experience.” 

You are always the one in control of any reading you get.  You can always leave.

I can only answer this in relationship to having a reading with me.

Be open. Have a sense going in on what you would like to gain information on or a sense of what you would like for yourself and your life. Share that information with the advisor. Often clients will sit down and say “you’re the psychic/reader, you tell me.”   I  understand that is their way of weeding out the fakes, but it actually doesn’t weed out the fakes, instead it creates a situation of confrontation between the client and the reader and for the next 5 minutes of the reading the advisor has to spend proving themselves instead of really bringing information through that will help the client. Let them know what you need from the reading and if the information they give doesn’t ring true, then you know to leave or challenge it and ask for more clarity.

For me, readings are a co creation between the advisor and the client. Both parties have pieces of the puzzle and both parties work together to make those pieces come together to gain the best insight and results.


As a client your part is to be honest as possible, to ask questions at any time in the reading, it is your reading so direct it where you want it to go while at the same time open to different perceptions or variances of the information. Be open to possibilities of things playing out differently than what you expected.

Don’t go into a reading with a fixed view or a need for something to be a certain way. You will be wasting your time and the readers.

A good reader will be sensitive to your feelings. They will speak your “language” so to speak, so you can understand them. A great reader will be comfortable saying, “I don’t’ know, “or “I can’t see that,” because often, that is the case. Not everything is for us to know and often things are with held from the reader because for whatever reason, it is not for them to see or you to know at that point in time.


Coming up with a question that seems viable is often the hardest part and you are not alone so don’t worry about it. 

I can always do a general reading first  for you to see what the cards/spirit has to say and then once you have some information you can build your questions from there.

It is important that you know,  when you ask for a general reading,  you will get the information that spirit thinks is important for you to know.  That is often  not what you may think is important.  So,  PLEASE,  when reading with me,  don’t ask for a general reading as a test to see if you what you really want to know shows up.

I have found that some clients think that will prove whether or not I am the “real thing,”  but what it actually proves is I am not a mind reader.  I interpret messages from spirit,  that is my job.


Often people want to know about their health or diet during the course of a reading.  I am willing to “look” into these matters for you but please know that any information given is needed to be verified by yourself and before taking action,  speak with a medical professional.

For more exacting information, there are medical intuitives that specialize in health.


Over the years, we’ve been told the main reason people don’t get readings or ask for psychic guidance is because they are afraid to know anything “BAD.’

Here at “the Keep,” we are committed to not terrifying or traumatizing our clients who have invested their trust in us.

If this is a concern for you, I ask when you come to the reading please clarify first, what is “bad” for you. For most people its perceived as death, but for some it has been something as seemingly everyday as not getting to take a vacation. Once I know where your fears lie I can most certainly respect them.


You bet! No matter how the reading is occurring, I am still pulling the information from the same place. As a psychic I work with energy, the non-physical, and that is how my information first comes in, then I translate it into words or images so I can share it with you.  Often, someone not being present, can actually produce a more “pure” reading.  Either way,  in person or by other means,  you will get the answers you need if you are reading with an experienced practitioner.


No, I am not a witch.


I believe “God” has many names.  I personally am drawn to using the term “divine,’ “spirit” or “universe” because for me, I understand “God” to be an energy,  not a person. And I believe that “energy’ can touch all of our lives, no matter what faith we are so I prefer more inclusive terms.


I believe in Jesus.  That he walked this earth. That he brought through some profound teachings.  I also believe in him as a healer and know many healers, myself included, that feel his presence when doing their work.  I also think Jesus is one of the most present  energies we can work with or pray to when it comes to our lives on earth.  And I always reach out to the energy of Jesus in my readings.

  The most important thing is ENJOY YOURSELF!
   Getting reading is a celebration of sharing knowledge, of touching spirit and experiencing the mystery and magic of life!

Shanon of The Keep


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