I have worked as a professional psychic for over 25 years helping people either face to face or through the use of a psychic hotline in all areas of their lives.  Most people expect to see me helping others with relationship questions and love issues but are surprised how effective my gift is when it comes to business.

 As a psychic, I read and interpret energy.  For me it as real as a written resume you may look at before you hire someone.  The main difference with a written resume, you can only know what you read on that resume: it is one dimensional, for me,  people’s resumes are in the form of “energy” so when I read them I get what they choose to tell me and also what they don’t tell me.  I read there whole “existence” as it were.

 Every one can read energy at some level.  For example: you choose a color you wish to paint your room with and you go to the hardware store with your color sample in hand and you start matching it to other colors to find the right match. You may think you are matching  by what “looks right” but if you pay more attention, you will realize many look fine but don’t feel right, especially when you come down to the final decision.  What you are doing at that point, is reading the energy of the color and unconsciously you are matching the energies of the colors you are looking at and seeing if they blend.  They don’t only have to energetically blend with each other; they also need to blend with your energy and the energy of your home.  That’s why many of us, myself included, have stood in front of all those color samples for seemingly hours thinking to ourselves, “this shouldn’t be this hard, I thought I wanted blue but it just doesn’t feel right.”

 I have been helping people find the right blend for their business’s in many ways for many years.  From selecting staff to finding the right name or image for their business and doing it with a high level of accuracy, because when read correctly, energy is your truest guide because it can’t lie, it is what it is. For any emerging business use the services for the business payments.

 Every state of being has its own energy: money, fear, success, joy, sadness all vibrate at a certain rate and it is consistent. My expertise is reading that energy and matching these energies to each other, so if you tell me the name of your company and then give me the name of a person of interest I will scan their energy against your energy, just as you did when you held up those color patches, and in detail, I can tell you in which areas this person will and won’t blend with your company’s or your personal energy.

 My expertise enables me to help professional people to be better prepared for appointments and decisions by giving them an insight as to what to expect from the people and the situation.  Not only does it do the obvious, save you money and time, but it also provides you with the opportunity to truly connect with these people and find a perfect blend that will bring about a win -win situation for everyone at every level.


  1. Kendrick says:

    Impressive tips! I have been hunting for something such as this for some time now. Thanks for the tips!

  2. You are most welcome, Shanon

  3. Johnnie says:

    Exceptional post, We are viewing back usually to discover refreshes.

  4. thanks so much, glad you liked it, Shanon

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