(being to speak to both people and pets that have passed)



If you only want a specific type of reading, I am fine to do that just let me know up front.

You can record your reading on your smart phone and are welcome to do so.
Please have it set up and ready to go so we can start on time.

I wanted to state here that no matter what you need me to help you with I try to be clear and to the point. 

You will always get the best results from your reading,  when we work together.  I share information with you.  I make a serious effort to not “talk at you.”  I believe if you are part of the process,  then, when you leave,  you will be able to put the decisions “we’ve” made,  and tools that I have given you, into effective use in your life. 


I sometimes describe my readings as a

“brain storming session with a psychic.”

 I won’t waste your time or money with “fluff”, and you will walk away with answers and tools you can use to resolve your situation.

( I will not “psychically spy”  on people.  If you are directly involved with them and it effects you I will do my best to find you answers,  but I won’t use my gift to satisfy curiosity about others lives  that quiet frankly,  is not “your business.”   No offense intended.)

In all of my appointments, in order to give you the best reading possible, I may access any of my skill sets: psychic abilities, tarot reading, medium ship and communication coaching.


( in person,  photo or by saying their name)

I can “talk”  with most pets if they are open to talking to me.  I  help people integrate new pets into their home,  discover how your pet feels about certain things and generally,  allow you to have a stronger connection with your pet.  I also can speak with pets that have crossed over.


( speaking with those that have passed)

To connect with a person or a pet,  I only need you to say their name,  or who you know them as.  It is not necessary to bring a photo or an item, but you are welcome to do so if you wish.

As in life,  not everyone wants to talk to us just because we want to talk to them,  the same goes with “medium-ship.”

I am normally given by those I am wishing to connect with,  some kind of indication that I have the right “person.”   They may share a memory, word or a behavior that will help you know that we have a connection and can start the session.

Every medium is different in how they bring through information.  I sense things as energy and then have to translate that into words.  I will often be given hints,  say the name of a movie,  that when I share it with you will “lead you,”  to the memory they are wanting to share.  For example:  they once showed me Shirley Temple and her curly hair.   The client knew  immediately they were talking about her  child who had hair just like Shirley Temple’s.

When communicating with those on the other side,  your relationship with them is key into recognizing the messages, as you know them,   and I am acting as the the means of communicating,   sort of like a phone line.

Translating energy is not an exact science,  so if is imperative that you be open to helping me find my way to what they are trying to show me. Sometimes I will bring things through exactly as they are,  other times  I will be given hints at what they want me to say,  that only you will be able to connect with.


When you pay here just select the time frame you would like and when I am notified of your payment I will be in touch with you immediately and at that time we can set up the specific type of reading you would like.

You may also call 518 423 5353  and set up the appointment first and pay at the time of your session.





This reading is excellent for focusing on one to three specific topics that you need straight forward information on.

This reading is very effective and you will gain a lot of insight in these 15 minutes.


This reading will cover a lot of information and topics.  It will allow you to get more into underlying issues of the situation, helping you come up with more approaches to resolve the issues that are in question.

This reading can be use for a medium-ship session or a PAST TO PRESENT INTERPRETATION.


ONE HOUR  –  $135

This reading lends itself to getting into the psychology of a situation, analyzing everyone’s part within it and forming a planned approach to resolving it. 

This reading can be use for a medium-ship session or a PAST TO PRESENT INTERPRETATION.



This is a great reading which can sometimes be overwhelming and a little intense because you receive so much information in a relatively short time, but the experience is well worth it.

The object of this reading is to give you a preview of the upcoming twelve months, one month at a time, so you may avoid pitfalls but more importantly, is able to welcome upcoming opportunities.

This reading touches briefly on what to expect in each month so you gain the tone for the whole year,  so you can plan ahead.

IF YOU ARE WANTING TO FOCUS ON CERTAIN TOPICS MORE THAN OTHERS this reading may not serve you as it looks at your life as a whole. 

If that is the case,  I would suggest you book the

comprehensive reading.

Two cards are pulled for each month: one for the day to day world from the RYDER WAITE deck and one for the spiritual world or higher purpose from my WORDS TO THE WISE ORACLE.  Those two cards are then read together to give you a full view of what to expect for each month.

The reason I use two cards for each month is because we don’t just operate from one area of our lives.  We may think we do, but we have our day to day reality which our personality or our ego runs, (or likes to think it runs!) and then there is our higher purpose and our relationship with our higher selves which also has an agenda for us.  In order for us to be successful, these two parts, our ego and our higher selves, need to be working together and not sabotaging each other, and ultimately, holding us back.

During this reading I will go over the 12 months individually and then as a whole taking you through the flow up the upcoming months and helping you determine which months will be difficult or advantageous and help you prepare for them in the months before.

I would strong suggest you record this reading on your own device or if you let me know ahead of time,  I can make a cd for you.


This is my version of a PAST LIFE READING.

During the PAST TO PRESENT INTERPRETATION I will look back through some of your past lives to help resolve a specific issue you are having now with either a person or a situation.

During these sessions I can normally tell you a time period for the life, your sex and your position or job in that life.

If it is a relationship question it will sometimes bring up lives where the other person was involved and this information will give me insight into residual effects that are effecting you in your present day life.



is either a 30 minute or one hour session.

To book this reading, select the 30 minute or one hour reading and let me know when we schedule that you are wanting this reading.

(I don’t view past lives for entertainment or out of curiosity.

If you are wanting to know if you were someone famous in another life or anything along that line,

this reading will not help you. )



A business reading can be any length so when you book your reading just state that you want to focus on developing your business.


Lead prospecting and verifying is an extremely valuable and effective part of my business consultation.

For me, everything has an “energy resume” which I can read and interpret so by giving me the name of a person or business you might be considering to hire or perhaps put a proposal before for your business, I will be able to “view their resume” and share with you:

*how compatible they are with you and your company energetically,
*how they view you, what you might expect when you meet with them,
* where they are at and what they are dealing with professionally right now that may have an effect on your relationship with them
*and in conclusion, give you
suggestions on how to get the best results from that prospective relationship for all concerned.

I also help business’s design and create an image that is in sync with their intent and desired goal and target market for their company. In order to be successful in business everything needs to “resonate” to the same intent: from the colors you use down to the market you target.

I can also set up a “monthly fee” which will allow you to call and check with me on different things throughout the month without having to lock down any reading length. 

This works well for businesses that are having a constant flow of new contacts and accounts each month and want to verify which ones are viable and which ones are not.

For more information contact me directly at 518 423 5353

Please include your contact info with your PayPal payment.

If you do not have PAYPAL,  call me and I can run your card directly

.518 423  5353

Payments are NON- REFUNDABLE.within 24 hours but transferable.