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This is an excerpt from my book: YOU ARE WISER THAN YOU THINK

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In every moment that you are alive you are communicating on some level, otherwise you could not exist. Communication is an energy exchange that occurs as you interact with life. Often, it is the communication that occurs unconsciously between people that shape our lives and relationships without our even knowing it. Communication is in every essence of our being. Communication lies within our words, our actions, our thoughts, life examples and also, in the absence of any of these things.

 What’s that you say?

We all know that, to some degree, the problems we face from day to day are due to a lack of communication. Many of us have a mythical belief that if we knew the right words at the right time our problems would be solved.

If it were only that simple.

  Modern version of communication

For many of us, if we were asked for the definition of “communication” or “to communicate,” we might say:

 “Communication: the ability to express yourself and your views in order to influence others and get what you want.”

 Though the dictionary meaning is:

Communicate – to convey knowledge or information about: to reveal by clear signs: to transmit information, of thought or feeling, so that it is satisfactorily received.           From the Merriam-Webster dictionary

Communicate – to express oneself in such a way that one is readily and clearly understood: to reveal clearly, to manifest.       From Your

In this book we are going to consider a new way to communicate with people, our pets, our world and ourselves. Let’s start by redefining the value system for communication.




 Simply put. The more you care about someone or something, the harder you try to help them understand.

Redefining Communication

1        Good communication is not about you it is about “us.”

2        To communicate well, the other person’s needs must be equal to our own.

3        For our communication to be heard we must speak in terms that the other can identify with.

4        Sound communication allows the other person to move at a pace that is comfortable for them and acceptable for us.

5        Effective communication will give them enough information to make a decision that is in their best interest as well as ours.

6        Sincere communication comes from our heart and not our head.

7        For us to communicate our needs we must first understand our needs and take responsibility for them.

8        Courageous communication is when we are willing to point out our own shortcomings as quickly as we would, theirs.

9        Communication makes a difference when it shares the truth of a situation, as we know it at that time, whether it is in our favor or not.

Lost communication

1        You cannot lie and communicate at the same time.

2        You are not communicating if you are withholding facts, using niceties or changing the information in a way so that you “win.”

3        Communication is not occurring if the only voice you can hear is your own.

4        Your communication has failed if the other party comes away with nothing.

5        Communication cannot begin if you have no interest in learning about the other party and their needs.








I have worked as a professional psychic for over 25 years helping people in all areas of their lives.  Most people expect to see me helping others with relationship questions and love issues but are surprised how effective my gift is when it comes to business.

 As a psychic, I read and interpret energy.  For me it as real as a written resume you may look at before you hire someone.  The main difference with a written resume, you can only know what you read on that resume: it is one dimensional, for me,  people’s resumes are in the form of “energy” so when I read them I get what they choose to tell me and also what they don’t tell me.  I read there whole “existence” as it were.

 Every one can read energy at some level.  For example: you choose a color you wish to paint your room with and you go to the hardware store with your color sample in hand and you start matching it to other colors to find the right match. You may think you are matching  by what “looks right” but if you pay more attention, you will realize many look fine but don’t feel right, especially when you come down to the final decision.  What you are doing at that point, is reading the energy of the color and unconsciously you are matching the energies of the colors you are looking at and seeing if they blend.  They don’t only have to energetically blend with each other; they also need to blend with your energy and the energy of your home.  That’s why many of us, myself included, have stood in front of all those color samples for seemingly hours thinking to ourselves, “this shouldn’t be this hard, I thought I wanted blue but it just doesn’t feel right.”

 I have been helping people find the right blend for their business’s in many ways for many years.  From selecting staff to finding the right name or image for their business and doing it with a high level of accuracy, because when read correctly, energy is your truest guide because it can’t lie, it is what it is.

 Every state of being has its own energy: money, fear, success, joy, sadness all vibrate at a certain rate and it is consistent. My expertise is reading that energy and matching these energies to each other, so if you tell me the name of your company and then give me the name of a person of interest I will scan their energy against your energy, just as you did when you held up those color patches, and in detail, I can tell you in which areas this person will and won’t blend with your company’s or your personal energy.

 My expertise enables me to help professional people to be better prepared for appointments and decisions by giving them an insight as to what to expect from the people and the situation.  Not only does it do the obvious, save you money and time, but it also provides you with the opportunity to truly connect with these people and find a perfect blend that will bring about a win -win situation for everyone at every level.



 To be in service for the greater good is a most glorious thing!

 It’s one of the greatest honors that you can bestow upon yourself. There are many ways to be in service; as a practitioner, priest, teacher but the way I enjoy “service” the most is through my everyday life.

 Let me tell you one of my most profound experiences with the kind of “service” I am talking about. I was buying my first house. A wonderful house on a dirt road up in the canyons, just north of Los Angeles. (Which in itself was pretty special) I knew by the “normal way” things happen my chance of getting this house were slim to say the least. My tax return said I made almost nothing, my job was commission only and I was a single woman.  Not good. I remember sitting in the yard of this house while it was on the market, praying for a way for  “me” to make this happen. How if “I” got this house I would take care of it. “I” would do anything to have it.  No matter how much I prayed everything kept falling through, it seemed like there was no way it could happen. (I find it funny, we are often so spiritual, but you put us in a real life crisis and all we’ve learnt goes out the window and we return to the old ways of doing things, like begging, in my case!) My dream was slipping away.

 This one day, I ‘d been praying for hours. I started thinking about my nature. I knew I was a creature of “service.” I liked to see others succeed. It’s my very essance. Then to want this house for “me” went against everything I was! I changed my prayer quick smart! I stared to pray in earnest, “let me be victorious! Let me have this house for every person out there like me who is struggling to buy a house. For every person like me who mainstream society said “no” to. Let me be victorious for all these people. Then let the energy my victory generates be held somewhere im a big etheric energy bank and be available to anyone who might need it.” Amazingly, things started to happen. It was not easy by any means, but that house became mine and I lived here for six years.  During the escrow I met a young woman who told me she didn’t think she could ever buy a house. Because of my belief that the power of my success would support her, I encouraged her to go for it. She found a house and closed escrow before I did!

 So, if life has no meaning. If everything you do seems to be a struggle, try this for one day. Your small daily victories do count! Don’t underestimate your power when you give your life to “service!” Smiling at a stranger and sharing your energy when you would rather look away is a great victory. Having the strength to say “no” to the friend who needs to learn to stand on their own is a hard thing to do. Knowing that somewhere, someone else is gaining strength from your strength. It empowers you to stay strong.

 Tell spirit:  use me! Give your permission for the energy your life creates to be made available to anyone else who is going through what you are going through. That’s it. Try it for one day and expect a miracle!



 Have you ever met someone who, while they are smiling and letting you know how great it is to see you, you know in your gut, they are being insincere?  There is no rational reason for it, you may not have ever met this person before, but you just know that they are “faking it”.  This is a perfect example of communication occurring at an energetic level. You are hearing their words, but you are responding to what is beneath their words, their energy, and you intuitively don’t trust them.

Verbal communication, our words, is the last form of communication that people receive from us.  Our actions and energy of our true feelings or intent will influence them before our words ever reach them and by the time our words do reach them, if what we say doesn’t match our energy they have already received from us, they won’t trust us.  They won’t know why, they may even feel guilty because based on “your words” it seems they should, but something in the back of their minds, in their gut instincts, throws up a red flag and, consciously or unconsciously, they will withhold from you:  either their emotions, information or actions. They don’t do it to be mean, it is merely a reaction to your original insincerity:  it’s a survival reaction we all have when we feel we are being misled and possibly, at risk.

So, if you are having communication conflicts with people in your life, if, in your opinion you are saying all the “right things” but those around you are not “responding accordingly,”   consider what your “energy” might be telling them.

Energy can not lie.  It is what it is.  People trust their gut instincts for a reason: gut instincts are never wrong  If you want to have better relationships with your family, your business relationships and friends, be mindful that your words match what you feel, because if you are not being honest at an energy level they will know it before you even open your mouth and though they may nod their heads and smile when you talk to them,  something will not sit right and whatever you hoped to gain will be limited and you will eventually  “never being taken at your word.”

Remember, before you “say a thing,” your energy has already spoken.