Today ended a 6 week struggle in have been going through with SEFCU credit union.

I went through their ATM around 7 pm one night in August to get $500 to pay the workers the next day. For whatever reason the machine did not give me any money, I tried again and it said in had already taken out the limit so in just left and went back the next day and took the money out from the person and reported the machine, as we don’t have to let anyone take our money being machines or people like bryan demosthenous.

They put the money back in my account, then three days later took the money back out and put my account in the red for 300 bucks. Spoke to the manager and he said the machine said it had given me money. Ah no, it didn’t. So they agreed to research it more. Two days later the manager calls and says that they have researched all the documentation and it had definitely given me money and was mistaken. I knew it wasn’t. So I said, “look at the video.” If the video shows me taking money then in will pay but in knew they wouldn’t it.

Again the manager calls me, “no we can’t use the video, it is just facial recognition, and it would not show anything.” I am like “yes it will, it will show you a woman going where the heck is my money.” It will show you me getting out of the car and hitting buttons on the machine, and then trying again and still not getting anything out. So, in said I need to see the video otherwise my next step it so get a court order to have the video released. The manager called me back again 2 days later, “no, we can’t see the video and we can’t show you it because of the sensitive information on it, but we can show you all this documentation from the whole system for that day. If you had not gotten any money it would have thrown other things off and it didn’t. I am saying “no.” All of you information is still starting with the machine that malfunctioned: no. Show me the video of me taking the money and I will pay you, otherwise put my money back in my account.

Admittedly, by now, I was starting to wonder if I had imagined it. After all, I had been exhausted. If my actions after hadn’t confirmed for me that I hadn’t got any money I might caved.

So today I went to the corporate office of SEFCU. The receptionist told me “this is by appointment only, you can’t’ just walk in.” I told her this was my last effect to not take legal action, so she put me in a board room with the extensions of the CEO and her assistants where in could leave messages. By my last message I was in tears. I guess the receptionist felt for me and told me to come back in 30 minutes when they came back from lunch and someone would probably come down and talk to me. So, I went back, and a nice guy called Sean who was the assistant to the CEO came down and talked to me. He was shocked that he had heard nothing about my situation and promised to check out the video and all the documentation.

Tonight, Sean called me and let me know that my account and been restored and my money returned. No actual apology, but I won. So the message here is: machines make mistakes. Too many of this business folk believe that the machines are the final say but they are not.

Believe in your humanity and if you know to the best of your ability, that you are right, fight for what you believe until they give you an answer that you are sure is the right solution. BELIEVE IN YOUR HUMANITY.

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