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 Have you ever met someone who, while they are smiling and letting you know how great it is to see you, you know in your gut, they are being insincere?  There is no rational reason for it, you may not have ever met this person before, but you just know that they are “faking it”.  This is a perfect example of communication occurring at an energetic level. You are hearing their words, but you are responding to what is beneath their words, their energy, and you intuitively don’t trust them.

Verbal communication, our words, is the last form of communication that people receive from us.  Our actions and energy of our true feelings or intent will influence them before our words ever reach them and by the time our words do reach them, if what we say doesn’t match our energy they have already received from us, they won’t trust us.  They won’t know why, they may even feel guilty because based on “your words” it seems they should, but something in the back of their minds, in their gut instincts, throws up a red flag and, consciously or unconsciously, they will withhold from you:  either their emotions, information or actions. They don’t do it to be mean, it is merely a reaction to your original insincerity:  it’s a survival reaction we all have when we feel we are being misled and possibly, at risk.

So, if you are having communication conflicts with people in your life, if, in your opinion you are saying all the “right things” but those around you are not “responding accordingly,”   consider what your “energy” might be telling them.

Energy can not lie.  It is what it is.  People trust their gut instincts for a reason: gut instincts are never wrong  If you want to have better relationships with your family, your business relationships and friends, be mindful that your words match what you feel, because if you are not being honest at an energy level they will know it before you even open your mouth and though they may nod their heads and smile when you talk to them,  something will not sit right and whatever you hoped to gain will be limited and you will eventually  “never being taken at your word.”

Remember, before you “say a thing,” your energy has already spoken.