The only fool is the one that closes their heart,

 It takes courage to love and wisdom and a belief that God is with you,

 Because of our connection to God we have agreed to give others a chance to love,  to love God and to love us:  it is only by our willingness to open our hearts and put ourselves at emotional risk can this occur.

 Sometimes they fall short:  no matter how hard we try:

 But God has not failed to see every effort or moment you put in to loving “one of his flock” and God has not let your pain go unheard by the divine’s heart.

 Of course, that knowing does not stop the feelings we have as humans.

 But just know, loving is one of the greatest challenges God will ever ask of us, and as great as the highs, are the lows.

 But I believe being in service to spirit includes having the courage to love…

 So I salute you…….

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