My readings are direct and to the point and I always work from the standpoint of finding the balance between the “facts” in your life and the “fantasy” in your life.

I do not do “prophetic readings.”  As in,  when you will die,  when will you meet the love  of your life,  how many children you will have etc.

But, of course,  as we look at “today,” it will always lead you to “tomorrow.”

I realize that is what exactly what many people perceive a “psychic” to be,  but I choose to help people from where they are now,  what is real in their living world, rather lead you to focus on a future that holds no certainties.

I am sure there are psychics who do prophetic readings,  but if that is what you are looking for, please don’ t book with me as I do not want to disappoint you.

The FACTS are: where you live, what you believe, your health, money, job, etc.

The FANTASY in your life is what you aspire to, your dreams and goals.  Also, what I will be able to “see” psychically as possibilities for your life.

The FACTS in our lives set boundaries for us.  Some of them can be dispelled, some will always be there but we can learn to work with them to gain freedom from them.

The FANTASIES in our life are our true reason to live. Whether we know it or not, it is the hope of what the future holds that gets us up in the morning.  Even when we have told ourselves, “nothing will change,” our soul does not believe that.  If are we doing something we love, we get up to experience it, to be part of that and see where it takes us.  Even if someone seems to only be driven by money, underneath that drive is the need to be “free,” and money creates the illusion that you can buy that freedom if you have enough money.  Unfortunately, when we lose perspective we imprison ourselves even more.

Too often people will go for guidance and be told about the great person coming into their lives, or the amazing job, but they are never told what you need to change to have that happen.  It may see like things can just “drop into our lives,” but when you look more closely, we have made some kind of change, either in what we do or in how we think, that brings about the event.

The REALITY CHECK approach that I work with of balancing the FACT AND FANTASY gives you the tools to know ALL THE POSSIBILITIES that life can present to you but also tells you what you need to change in your life HERE AND NOW in order for those possibilities to come within your reach.



All readings are a co-operation between

you and I.

I do not do tricks to prove myself.  I won’t answer “one question for free,” so you know that I am for real. 

I respect that there are people out there who are “not the real thing,” and for that reason, if you have doubts, I am happy to read for a couple of minutes and if you don’t think we connect then I will end the reading with no cost to you.  But if you feel the information is valid then we will continue on with the reading. This offer applies to all readings, in person, phone and Skype.

I am not a fortune teller, though I can most certainly give you an idea of what the future may hold, but I believe that in order to make any changes in your life you need to start in the present and build from there.  To help you do that I will bring through information that will help you understand what you have working for you and against you on any specific topic.  From there I will help you fine tune the opportunities that I psychically tune into when I read you.

I can do readings on all topics: business, personal and relationships.


Contact Shanon to book an appointment or for more information at:
518 423 5353