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This insight is based on my “TWELVE MONTHS OF SUCCESS READING” which is a reading that gives you a blueprint of the upcoming 12 months.

With the insight, I will pull two cards, one for the physical plane, or your day to day life, and one for the spiritual plane or your “higher purpose” for that month,  then l read them together for the insight for the month.

I use my own deck: The Words to The Wise Oracle which is based on my energy art.

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This month is going to be somewhat challenging as the energies around this month are going to be pretty intense in some situations.
You are going to find you will be faced with decisions between your practical day to day world and your spiritual/ moral world that sometimes does not always fit into that day to day “how do I make a living,” life that you lead.
This month you are going to be challenged to find a way to balance the two. To find the trust that you will be “taken care of” and in some instances make a moral choice that may seem to somewhat threaten the things you have always done to provide for yourself.
This month it may be about prioritizing someone else’s needs above your own. I know we do that for family but this may be someone that needs you to “cut them that break,” or ‘look the other way,” ( if it is ethical of course,” this month you are going to be asked to walk your talk in the best way you can in your day to day life.
Of course, you do not put yourself at risk, but if you stay aware that when these opportunities come to you, that they may well be the first step to changing your life when it comes to abundance and trusting that if you invest in others that kindness and energy will always come back to you.


We have all heard that we should “live our truth,” but we either don’t know what that actually means or it just seems too hard to apply to our own lives.

This May is about starting to bring your true self into your day to day life.

Many of us are expanding our beliefs, trying to embrace a more spiritual purpose and approach to life but still keep it isolated to when we are alone or in a certain environment.  We don’t try to talk to our families or friends about it and we definitely don’t bring ti to work.

That needs to change.  You can not keep your personal “evolution” compartmentalized from the rest of your life, otherwise you are limiting your growth.

Admittedly, you may not be able to completely “come out” to others but you do need to start to test the waters so see how much you can share.  To see if they also feel this way.

I personally love to speak in third person to test the waters with people whom I am not sure “where they are at,” or if i have an opinion on what they will say.

As in: ” wow last night I saw this woman on television that used meditation to heal herself.”

by their response you can gauge how much you can share about your meditation practice or your beliefs about healing.

Sharing our growth is part of our growth.

Trusting and owning our new beliefs are part of that process.  If you don’t you haven’t fully become that new person,  you have educated yourself about “that new way of life,” but you are not living it.




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