These portraits are an energetic representation of your core essence. They are not reflective of your personality or your physical being as you know it , but more of the basic vibration that holds the original blueprint that everything else is built upon. While creating a portrait, I will often complete it several times, blending one incarnation under the other,till the final image “shows” itself.

 Shanon’s Portrait

These portraits are the energetic recipe for your being, and like recipes, you can change ingredients to get different results, as you might from one life time to another, but the core of the recipe, some basic elements that define the recipe have to be present in order to create the basic form – you.

Often when people first get their portrait their personality will look at it and say, “that looks nothing like me.” Our egos tend to think they are who we are in flesh, and it can take a while for us to really see ourselves in these portraits and allow this vibrational existence to integrate with who we are as energy.

The best way to work with your portrait is to put it somewhere where you can see it daily in a casual manner and let it affect you subliminally. Also putting your photo next to it will help you re-align both of these aspects of yourself.

I know when I did my own portrait it took me almost a year to “make peace with it.” Curiously, others would look it and see me in it, but for me I had to allow it to show me who this forgotten part of myself was, and now, I am able to own this new vibration and let it move me forward in my life to truly become who I am, as a human being, living today.

Some people have destroyed their portrait: the reason primarily being that it felt too powerful for them to deal with. They felt they were more humble or perhaps “pure” and this portrait showed them as being strong and perhaps force full or complex and their ego wanted no part of that!

So, the question to answer, before having your portrait done is:



Portraits can be of an individual, a couple or of animals.

They can “come through” in a day or a month,  but for the most part it has been no more than a couple of weeks.

What I will need is a photo of the subject. It doesn’t need to be anything special,  I won’t be drawing from what I see only what I feel, but only the subject I am drawing needs to be in the photo.

I then place it in the sacred area of my house and wait for it to “call me.”  Once it does,  it can then take up to a couple of hours for me to complete all the incarnations of the drawing.

What I draw is what the subject “shows” me of itself to share with you.  It may look somewhat like the subject or it may be “pure energy.”


On completion of the piece, I will then send you an email photo of the finished piece to approve before sending it to you.

I always have mixed feelings about doing this as email does not represent the energy as a whole and these pieces of art do have a tendency to feel a lot more edgy in email than they do in person, where the heart of the subject is much more present.

I would suggest printing the piece out and having it somewhere you can start to “connect” with it while the original is being sent to you.

I normally give people up to a month after seeing the email to decide whether or not they want to take possession.


I require a deposit of half of the total cost at the time of the order and the balance, plus shipping, once you have seen the email and have approved it.

The deposit is non refundable.  Should you not want to take possession of the portrait,  I will ask you to sign a form to give me permission to destroy the piece and you will not be responsible for the balance.


These portraits are what they are – energy.  They can not be reworked to look different so as to make your personality more comfortable with them.

They are meant to provoke “action” within your being.

It may be joy, it may be confusion or it may be anger.

But whatever it is, it will require time and integration on your part to gain the full benefit of what you are “feeling.”

One thing I do know is once you find your balance with them you will be enriched in your understanding of yourself.


12″ x 18″   –     $75            18″ x 24″ –    $125

Shipping and handling is $10 within the United States.



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